We are artists

AstralsOnX is a NFT Artist Label on the XRPLedger. We are a multi-collection NFT Media Studio providing unparalleled blue-chip NFT Art/Music/Film. The AstralsOnX project consists of “in-house” and “on-boarded” NFT artists who will provide the XRPL with music and visual NFT Art Collections. Our Mission is to provide the NFT Community atlarge with innovative, commercial-grade NFT music, film and art. Overall, as it stands today, the AstralsOnX project will begin minting NFT Collections immediately upon activation on the superior XLS-20D technology on the XRPL.

@the mike rebel collection

AstralsOnX will be the first NFT project to create storyboarded and animated NFT Music Videos based on a central character and theme. The Mike Rebel Series comes with many surprises. The production value for each of the NFT Music Videos created by Mike Rebel was approx. 25-40k USD. Internationally acclaimed artists such as Gucci Mane, French Montana, Nelly, T-Pain, Cee-lo & Nipsey Hussle (RIP) have collaborated with Mike Rebel in The Mike Rebel Collection Series.
The Mike Rebel Series is made up of (6) fully Animated Music Videos (AMVs). All 6 of these NFT collections will reward it’s holders with a 10% revenue share of the royalties from secondary sales. In addition, mainstream adoption or the future commercial-use rights (Film, TV, Music industry) of the NFT will also reward the same proportion of revenue to the holders of any NFTs in the Mike Rebel NFT Series.
If an investor in the Mike Rebel NFT Collection were to collect all 6 NFT Music Films, then they would qualify to receive the special “HoodBender” airdrop. The Mike Rebel Series (6 NFT Collections) holders will also be rewarded with automated revenue sharing via NFT music streaming on platforms such as Sonar Muse on the XRPL, for example. AstralsOnX is proud to have activated IRL utility for it’s Astral (genesis) NFT holders. The verified Astral holders can enjoy a Summer festival concert tour by CrazyTownX this year in 2022, including backstage access (if qualified). Plan on attending a Mike Rebel concert in the future if you’re a holder! There is rarity in this NFT Music Series Collection. Mystic || Legendary || Rare

@Inkkiller: charles ratteray

We produce Music and Visual Art NFTs. Founding member, Charles Ratteray, has 20+ years experience as a professional storyboard artist in TV/FILM/MOVIES in Hollywood. He has worked on projects for companies such as Lucas Films, Marvel Studios, FX Studios, Netflix Studios and many more. Charles’ twitter handle is @INKKILLER2 and his professional portfolio can be viewed at https://artstation.com/charlesratteray. His inaugural NFT Collection is called Mayhem Mob; a ruthless gang of outlaw bikers unleashed onto the XRPL. The Mayhem Mob Collection will have it’s own roadmap and LitePaper as it’s a multilayered, logic-based project with many interesting twists and turns. Mayhem Mob NFT Project will incorporate SRO’s (shared revenue ownership). This means that holders of this Mayhem Mob NFTs will be eligible to receive a portion of both Secondary Market & Commercial-use royalties. Mayhem Mob will be a multi-generational PFP project with mystery surprises mixed in. The total supply of Mayhem Mob will be between 5-10k (TBA).

independent artist (on-boarding)

Along with internationally recognized talents we have a process whereby we will select “on-boarded” artists that match our lust for high quality art and music. AstralsOnX has formed a strategic partnership with AD&D (Artist Discovery & Development). Our merger was formed to build a perpetual rail to the emerging, independent artists who haven’t had the opportunity yet to make their voices heard or visuals seen. Independent artists who we are currently on-boarding include: @JayOCMusic: a R&B singer/songwriter from Maryland, USA & @BWISE_Official: a rapper/singer out of Atlanta, USA.

project mechanics

There are (2) ways to join in early to the AstralsOnX NFT Ecosystem. The first way is to purchase and/or acquire the ASTRAL genesis NFT. This is a 1/1 AI-assisted Art Collection with a maximum supply of 420 units with rarity. Holders of this genesis Astral NFT will have the ability to choose (1) one FREE mint from each of up to 10 NFT Artists we launch collections for under the AstralsOnX Label. This means, holding one Astral NFT rewards you with 10 additional NFTs from our bespoke lineup of artists. To date, approximately 40% of the Astral [Genesis] NFT Collection are still available on the XRPL DEX.

The other way to enter the AstralsOnX Project and gain access to our future content is through the [front door] public or WL sale at the time each collection launches. In summary, 1 Astral NFT equals 11 total NFTs to the holder. In addition, holders of the Astral NFT will earn our native utility token named $AURORA on a monthly basis. This token will be explained further below but it is the central driver of the entire AstralsOnX economy for years to come.

the astral NFT collection

An AI-assisted NFT Collection by digital artist and AstralsOnX co-founder, Jeremy Reynolds. This “Genesis” NFT collection is a 1/1 series representing the original 420 Astral souls traveling through the XRPL multiverse. As stated previously, holders will have access to real utility in the form of holder royalties, event access, DAO governance and holder airdrops. Holders of the Astral genesis NFT will receive 20% of the secondary sales royalties. In addition, an Astral DAO wallet will receive a further 20% of secondary market sales.
Lastly, Astral NFT holders will receive (10) holder airdrops from subsequent NFT artist releases including both music and visual NFT collections. The Astral Collection’s rarity breaks down as follows: Mystic: 7.8% || Legendary: 16.4% || Rare: 75% || Common 0%
Rarity in the Astral 1/1 Collection effects the proportion of the overall royalties assigned to all holders. The rarer you mint at launch, the more revenue proportion you receive. May the mint gods be with you…

$aurora token

$AURORA is the native token asset for the AstralsOnX ecosystem. This token has a maximum supply of 5mm with 3mm reserved for Astral NFT monthly “holder rewards”. AURORA will be used across ALL AstralsOnX Collections for NFT enhancement among other things. It can be used to purchase all future AstralsOnX Label NFT Collections.
AURORA will also qualify those who hold it for 1/1 Blue Chip airdrops from Marvel Studios artist, Charles Ratteray. $AURORA will also be used enter into 1/1 raffles and 1/1 private auctions for Charles’ private art sales. It will further be used on at least one NFT marketplace as an operable currency to purchase NFTs across multiple blockchains. It will also be a valuable commodity in our “MULTI-VERSE WORLD”, which consists of virtual and augmented reality spaces. $AURORA token will provide IRL web2-3 storefront integration with partners as well as access to IRL Music tours! FREE CONCERTS and more in future.

Tokenomics || $aurora token


Holders of $AURORA will receive airdrops at random snapshot dates. These airdrops will come from the $AURORA AIRDROP wallet. The token $AURORA will be rewarded to holders of the genesis ASTRAL NFT Collection. These rewards will pay out on a monthly basis. The Astral NFTs must be de-listed (not listed on marketplace) in order to be eligible.

royalties / dao creation

The ASTRAL Genesis NFT Collection (420 supply) will reward it’s holders 20% of the royalties on secondary market sale transactions into perpetuity. This is BIG because their are only 420 NFTs in this collection. This will give Astral NFT holders the ability to [potentially] acquire a passive income stream. In addition, the Astral DAO will be funded with an additional 20% of the secondary sales royalties. The Astral holders will control a proportioned vote in the governance of the Astral DAO wallet to the forward benefit of the Astral Community and the AstralsOnX NFT project.

multiverse || marketplaces

The AstralsOnX Artist Label will be using the Spatial Metaverse (https://spatial.io) to create one-of-a-kind experiences in the Astral Realm. At the moment, AstralsOnX has 3 custom-built Metaverse galleries on Spatial: The Astral Bar, Club 420 and The Astral House. This is the beginning of a multi-layered system of VR and AR spaces tied in to what will eventually make up our internal blockchain-based economy in Web3. All NFT Collections formed “in-house” will have a custom Web3 VR space suited to it’s individual uniqueness. These various spaces will be accessible to each other via portals to form a completely integrated AstralsOnX Ecosystem in Web3/IOV.
The marketplaces that we have chosen to launch our NFT Collections on are Radical-X by DPMonks Finance, a London based enterprise and NFTMaster.com, an Australian based XRPL Grant award winner (100k).

vision for the future

It is our honor to share with the NFT Community at-large of our intention to be a leader in the NFT Media/Entertainment space. The Astrals Artist Label is taking a utilitarian approach to the NFT space, regulations permitting. Our project offers shared ownership in secondary market royalties, access to special events and a DAO with voting governance. We have an elite team of creative and technical talent to embark on this pioneering journey with and alongside the XRPL Community. We are committed to raising the standard and accelerating the adoption of NFT utility within Media/Entertainment while striving to pioneer innovation on the XRPLedger.

Our project’s mission is to blend Web3, art and commerce via NFT technology for shared ownership experiences between artists, investors and professional media/ entertainment corporations.

We intend, in large part, to create commercial-grade NFT media content with the aim of attracting the mainstream/ independent music and film industries.
Our strategy is to create powerful shared ownership experiences combined with blue-chip
NFT media suited for mainstream commercial adoption in TV/Film. For this reason, we formed Astral Labz. Astral Labz is an in-house, multi-discipline NFT Media Studio. The Astral lab is led by founding AstralsOnX members, Charles Ratteray and Jeremy Reynolds. The lab further consists of a team of experienced professionals in the Hollywood TV/Film industry.
The Astral Labz team is made up of experienced artists in Hollywood who specialize in various mediums within the art/entertainment industry. These mediums include Film/TV, storyboarding, script writing, animation and 3D digital art. Astral Labz aims to set the standard for NFT Media Studios using blockchain technology. In doing so, we hope to forge a deeper relationship between the artists, fans and the entertainment industry. We aim to achieve this by making NFT technology accessible to musicians and visual artists who wish to monetize their art and music. We plan to build far out into the future! We are humbled to represent the XRPLedger Community in the NFT space. The fastest, greenest and most scalable blockchain technology on the planet exists on “the XRP Ledger”…and we love it!

Social media

website: https://astralsonx.io
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ugx7EAdKWy
TWITTER: @mikerebelhoodb
TWITTER: @inkkiller2


Founder/Artist: Jeremy Reynolds
Founder/Artist: Charles Ratteray
Founder/Musician: Mike Rebel
Founder/Admin: Jonathan Reynolds
Graphics/Dev: Christophe Palacios
Lead developer: glenn schneiders