Astrals Genesis Collection

420 Sacred Geometry-inspired utility NFT collection. +10 additional NFT rewards from 10 different artists. Earn 3% of Secondary sales. Monthly yield rewards in $Aurora. Access to IRL concerts/events. Access to our fine art and 1/1 auctions. Minting in September of 22′. Price 750 XRP. Supply 420.

The Mike Rebel Series

A 6 part NFT Music Series from Mike Rebel including six (6) different NFT Music Videos featuring artists such as Gucci Mane, Nipsey Hussle, French Montana, T-Pain, Ceelo Green and Nelly. Each NFT Music Video (song) will be its own Music NFT Collection. Shared revenue ownership to holders in Secondary markets and for Streaming. Minting in October of 22′. Own all 6 NFTs to own the full album. The supply and price is TBA.

Mayhem Mob

A 10,000 supply NFT Collection from Marvel Studios artist, Charles Ratteray. The theme of the collection is centered around a bold group of Bikers willing to take on the establishment’s grip on control over a strange, dystopian world. The collection contains over 200+ individual attributes and 20 attribute categories. The collection will reward its holders with shared revenue ownership via Secondary sales royalties and commercial-use royalties. Minting in November of 22′. Price is TBA

The Infinity Project

A collection by artist/founder, Jeremy Reynolds. This AI-assisted collection consists of 777 story-based SCI-FI NFTs including 13 distinct alien PFP races, 7 types of intergalactic spaceships and 8 individual environments from the universe. The project has a deep backstory and rich lore. Prospective buyers must own (1) XASTRAL or 10k $Aurora to qualify for the mint. Minting in December of 22′. Price is TBA