who are we?

AstralsOnX is a limited supply, genesis 1/1 NFT Collection with utility launching on the XRP Ledger. The Astrals NFT Collection was inspired by the boundless journey of the soul through the web of infinite dimensions. Each piece in the collection was created individually using a style of Mixed Media Artificial Intelligence. The art style is a combination of HI [Human Intel] and AI. Each 1/1 NFT in the Collection represents a drifting Soul in the Astral realm waiting to find it’s way home to the XRPL. Some Astral Souls appear to contain spaceships, ownership of these NFTs could unlock a portal or value on a rarity scale. But, to where will that portal lead?

what is an nFT

NFTs are poised to change the nature of digital ownership forever.

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital blockchain (Ex: XRPL). NFTs can be related to many different forms of art including photography, video, and music to show ownership and custody. NFT’s are different than cryptocurrencies in that NFT’s lack interchangeability (fungible). NFT’s are more than just .jpegs on a blockchain — they represent digital ownership. They are built upon smart contracts using blockchain technology. Blockchain platforms by default are trestles, secure, and provide verifiable data via ledger history.

we choose the XRPL

The XRPL is an open source, decentralized and permission less blockchain available to the public. It is widely known for it’s ability to execute secure, instantaneous global transactions on a massive scale. The fees associated with usage of the XRPL are negligible in comparison to some current blockchains. The XRPL is a carbon neutral blockchain ledger which allows greater scalability and broad use without impacting energy demands on the environment.

legal disclaimer

The AstralsOnX LitePaper is for informational purposes only. This document is a marketing document and not intended to be legally binding. This document is meant to provide goals and standards that wish to be met by the project. This notice serves to inform users and potential buyers of the inherent risks of investing in such volatile assets of blockchain technology. We, AstralsOnX, reserve the right to change or alter information contained herein this document. Investors in AstralsOnX must realize the responsibility of owning such assets and use their best efforts to evaluate blockchain projects. This documentation DOES NOT serve as a commitment nor a guarantee of any sort.

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